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James G Miles

James studied bronze casting at Belfast Metropolitan College and sculpting in clay at the National College of Art and Design Dublin. As with his paintings, James will always try where possible to capture the emotion of the subject through movement, to enable the sculpture to convey meaning and a story. In depth research is always a precurser to his work to enable him to tell that story.

Tony Currie

Working as a memorial sculptor in his family business since he was a very young man has given Tony a tremendous opportunity to develope his natural talent and skill levels to work with Stone, Wood, Clay and Bronze. Always a keen sportsman, Tony has a particular interest in sculpting our sporting heroes. He is an artist who also firmly believes that when possible, capturing movement adds so much in terms of emotion and drama to his subject. Tony has studied Bronze Casting at Belfast Metropolitan College. He regularly makes presentations and gives lectures to Community Groups on carving and sculpting.


Some examples of our work


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